"What I anticipated being a development session
to improve my work effectiveness actually
ended up being the most significant self-discovery
process/journey I’ve ever experienced.
I hope it never ends…"

Pam Erb, Vice President, Distribution
Wegmans Food Markets


"One of the reasons we made it to #1!" 
(on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For)

Danny Wegman, Chairman and CEO
Wegmans Food Markets




"Thank you.  This program has given me so much clarity with my personal and leadership philosophies as well as my path moving forward.  I cannot wait to continue the progress and share this opportunity with our great company."

Todd Zyra, CEO
Klein Steel Service



"Tom and Andrew have made a huge difference, beginning with my own leadership development.  They don’t just talk about culture, they make it real and help us lead by example to transform it.  They have given us practical guidance so we can hire, train and develop our people for culture and emotional intelligence as well as aptitude.  Overall, a terrific return on investment."

Ty Hookway, CEO
Clean Craft




"Initially, I thought committing a week
to start this leadership self development program
was too time consuming. I discovered just the opposite.
It enhanced my ability to focus on personal
and professional guiding principles to aid my performance."

Michele Hancock
Superintendent, Kenosha School District (Wisconsin)
Former Assistant Superintendent, Rochester City School District




"It is with a deep sense of satisfaction
that I am embarking on this journey to discover and
create my own “true life.” 

Tom and Elaine did a wonderful job guiding and
supporting each member of the group with structure,
insightful questions, and heart-warming humor.

I am now creating more strategic value for my company,
according to clients and colleagues alike."

Bernd Wanner, Managing Partner
Konzepte GmbH
Bonn, Germany

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