The Inner Compass Online Course

Hundreds of leaders have experienced The XLR8 Team's XLR8 YOU!!! Inner Compass process to live the life they're yearning for and become the person they most deeply desire to be. It is an experience that will impact your life both personally and professionally while giving you the grounding from which you can evolve as a leader.

It's now available as an online course! Learn more here!

Emotional Intelligence Online Course

Emotional intelligence has been shown to be one of the greatest predictors of high performance because achieving your goals usually requires working with other people. The XLR8 YOU!!! Emotional Intelligence online course helps you build awareness of your own leadership, communication and motivational styles, while helping you to adapt to the styles of others to be a more effective leader and build a more productive team.

A process we've guided thousands of leaders through will soon be available online for you and your team! Coming January 2018!

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The Psychology of Change Online Course

Have a goal you want to implement or habits that you'd like to change? Take a deep dive into the psychology of change using insights from Positive Psychology, habit change and behavioral science to help you to achieve your goals.

Available January 2018!