Reveal what drives you

I have always been a big dreamer and have set high expectations for myself. In this life filled with uncertainty, the one thing that I’m sure of is that I want to live an exceptional life, a special life. In order to do that, it’s time to evaluate; what drives me? What are my true passions? How do I get on the direct track to my life goals? At 30 years of age, it was time to find clarity and to commit to what was going to give me that sense of fulfillment that I craved. It was as though the stars were aligned when my Brother, Andrew, was going through the same self discovery process. With the help of our family dinner meetings and reading the “The Passion Test,” I reexamined my own passions. Although I always felt in touch with myself, I have to admit that, at first, it was difficult for me to put all my priorities on paper without being redundant. After several rough drafts, I was finally able to reveal and then simplify what drives me in my life.

“Enjoying my ideal life with my husband”

Marrying my husband Brian this past September has been the best day of my life so far. I know that sounds corny and cliché but it wasn’t just the fantastic wedding celebration that we had, it’s what our marriage stands for that is so important. It’s a promise of commitment and dedication to a partnership that supersedes our individual wants. I look forward to sharing my life with this wonderful man.

“Developing an unstoppable team”

Becoming an entrepreneur and developing a team that’s driven, empowered and successful has always been a dream of mine. I become energized when I’m working with other individuals from whom I can learn and tackle challenges which at first may appear unobtainable.

“Impacting and motivating others towards their dreams and passions”

Throughout my career there is one aspect of my job that has always been most fulfilling and that is, helping others. I have always prided myself on my ability to assist and support friends, family and clients. Inspiring people to identify their own passions and attain their greater goals would be the best reward.

“Changing and improving organizations”

I have worked in many different companies in a variety of roles. Working for someone you respect and admire can make or break job satisfaction. Introducing new and innovative ways to run a successful business while encouraging development all while keeping the bottom line in mind, that’s my goal.

Share my knowledge with the world by being a published author”

Writing has always been something that I have enjoyed. Sharing my experiences and personal journey with the world would be a dream come true. Inspiring and motivating others through my own personal experiences would be a major accomplishment.

My journey is far from over and I will strive to bring each of my passions to life. I encourage you to do the same; you may be surprised what you discover. I may not know exactly what my future holds but now that I have revealed my goals and passions I look forward to all that’s ahead!