The Power of Passion

Next month marks a year that our son Andrew joined The XLR8 Team, Inc. to follow his passion.  He left a secure job, even turned down a promotion!  Would you do that? Granted he has a bridge so to speak.  He is joining a successful coaching practice but he still must forge his own way...make his own mark.  Worth ever bit of the risk.

Along the way he was somehow accepted into the Rochester Rotary, the youngest member ever!  How did he do that?  Through the Rotary he volunteered at Junior Achievement and was recognized by them this week as part of National Volunteer Week (April 21 - 27).  So as proud parents, please read what JA said about Andrew.

Andrew learned about Junior Achievement through my involvement in Rochester Rotary.  Andrew says he is passionate both about education and entrepreneurship and it seemed like a natural fit to get involved.  One of Andrews most memorable moments was when he was volunteering in a 5th grade class.  “One of the activities was to look at a specific problem and come up with a product or service to solve the problem.  I saw how eager the students were to share their products so I told each group that they would be presenting their idea to the class as a commercial.  One young boy was in a group and gave an idea that was quickly dismissed by the others.  He was quite disappointed and seemed to withdraw from the group.  When I went over to try to persuade him to contribute to his group, I saw that he was vigorously sketching his own product idea.  I told him that if he would rejoin the group for the rest of the activity, I would let him present his own idea as well.  When it came time for presentations, this normally quiet boy was overcome with passion and imagination.  After his presentation, I asked the class who might like to buy his product and every hand shot up enthusiastically.  Even his group who had not given his idea a chance raised their hands, albeit somewhat reluctantly.  For the remainder of the day, this normally shy boy was congratulated, included and sought after by all of the students in the class. It was a truly profound experience for me.”  We have no doubt that this was a profound experience for that student as well.  Thank you Andrew!

Wow.  Share YOUR passion!!!